Chat section in 'Road' ?

pinno Posts: 51,528
Because of so many off topic threads. The commuters have one, whay can't we?

'The chain rattlers', 'Tarmac chomping', 'Carbon Stompers' - along those lines.

Just a thought.

seanoconn - gruagach craic!


  • supersonic
    supersonic Posts: 82,708
    I thought that is what the Cake Stop was for?
  • pinno
    pinno Posts: 51,528
    The cake stop has multiple threads. If there was a chat section in road, maybe if people wanted to garble the sort off topic garble that I sometimes garble, a 'Road Chat' would be the perfect place to garble ?
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • team47b
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    I thought cake stop was for commuters.

    They wanted a section where they wouldn't get offended by any of the content, so took over cake stop and relegated cakestoppers to BB.

    A Road section chat would be nice for non perving roadies, both of them.
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  • supersonic
    supersonic Posts: 82,708
    I may be missing the point..

    Commuter section (chat): "Come and join in the banter: discuss here anything you want, whether bike related or not!"

    Road section (cake stop): "The place for more serious off topic questions, light hearted banter and friendly chat."

    We could change the Commuter Chat to be solely non bike related - but do we need a third Road section? I see there is a difference in wording... but I always have had the section as broad equals.