upper hamstring pain

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Recently I have been getting pain in my upper hamstrings, right near my arse.
The only thing that I have changed recently is my shoes from some old north wave Velcro fastening to some Lake shoes with a dial tightening system.
Has anyone got any idea what may be suddenly causing this pain?
So far I have put it down to cleat being too far back!? Or where the shoe is tighter I might be pulling up more on the return pedal stroke especially on hills which would in theory pull on hamstring.
Should I put the saddle forward or angle slightly?
My bike was fitted so something is up and apart from bending down to pick the kids up more often and digging more at the allotment I can't see any other reason why I am suddenly having this issue. Any ideas?
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  • sungod
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    thickness of sole at cleat mounting point can vary a fair bit between shoes, pricier ones are often thinner, if the lakes are 5mm thinner then it's as if you've raised the saddle by 5mm

    if the shoes have different degrees of arch support and your feet pronate, it again will change the effective leg length between the two shoes, your ankle(s) will roll in more with the shoes with less support

    cleat position could be different

    if the older shoes are much softer, they will be allowing more foot movement than the stiffer/tighter ones, which could mask an imperfect set-up
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  • forward_loop
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    dont fiddle with saddle tilt/fore aft - as you were fine before.
    unlikely to be shoe tightness - this causes other issues.
    You cleat should be in the same position as on your previous shoe (in relation to your foot)
    shoe thickness - check it out.
    dont pick the kids up so much - and get them to dig the allotment.
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    How old are you? Ever had Sciatica? I get it from time to time. Shooting pains in your lower back and or backside and legs.
  • Monty Dog
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    Symptomatic of hyper-extension (saddle too high) or pulling up too hard on the return stroke, particularly with grinding big gears. Try sitting more forward and spinning lower gears.
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