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Forks? Where to Go

Gibbo3771Gibbo3771 Posts: 145
edited June 2013 in MTB buying advice
So I have had my Carerra Vengeance for 3 years now, I take it up the Pentland hills quite often and until recently I have been getting the itch to well, make it better.

I like the frame, the over all look at of the bike. The Cassette, Cranks + Chainset and Chain have been replaced by better models than what came with it over the 3 years, about £150 spent on that stuff. My first ones got all wore down after 4-5 month.

Just a few days ago I got rid of the mechanical disc brakes and got a set of Avid Hydraulic ones on it, the braking power is so much better and I feel much more confident descending down dodgy bits.

So now I want better forks, unfortunately I don't know which ones....

The bike shop I go to swore by the Dart 3's, as long as they are aftermarket and not the OEM ones that actually come with a bike, so far all the reviews that are bad are people that have bought Kona bikes with them prefit, the good reviews are from people who have bought aftermarket ones and fitted them.

So for £100, are those my best upgrade from the Suntour XCM ones I have the now, the guy in the shop said I would be able to feel a pretty big difference and so far he has not led me wrong but still, nice to check.

I have £100 to spend, £150 at a push. If I have to save up more, I will. Baring in mind I don't do mega heavy downhill stuff, I know my route and enjoy it, just making it easier so I can tackle it faster and harsher.


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