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Bespoke caps

PostieJohnPostieJohn Posts: 1,105
edited June 2013 in The cake stop

I'm after some bespoke caps.
Just blue with the odd white strip, and a little bit of writing.
It'll be a minimum order with the detailing all dependent on price, but irrespective they'll be nothing too fancy!

Any recommended manufacturers/suppliers?

You're up against the retrobike forum for a decent answer :)


  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    PostieJohn wrote:
    You're up against the retrobike forum for a decent answer :)

    Whoa dude! We're way too mainstream here. I can only suggest you take a look on Wiggle or CRC's website.

    You need to find a chap like this. Strong hipster look! Probably knows a casquette fabricateur or two.
    PS Sorry for being entirely unhelpful.
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    A casquette here is called a 'bonet' (pronounced 'bonnay') which let's face it is a bonnet :D

    Equally unhelpful I know
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
  • PostieJohnPostieJohn Posts: 1,105
    Cheers chaps I thought I was talking to myself.

    Turns out, I might as well have been!!!
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    you're welcome :D

    Maybe cake stop wasn't the best choice for buying advice on bike related items, but it's an ideal place to find idol people who will take the pi55 :D

    Not that I was suggesting that EKIMIKE was being idol, I personally thought his reply was factually correct and most helpful.
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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