My first half century!

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Bagged my first half century today. I've been cycling for 6-7 weeks so far this year. Did the odd recreational route last year on my MTB, but nothing to speak of. The story goes something like this... Stark realisation time - I've been putting on the pounds and its time to shift some excess weight. We've heard this story before...

6-7 weeks ago - Start cycling around the local villages on MTB, maybe 10-15 miles 3/4 times per week.
May 5th - Started logging rides on mapmyride
2 weeks ago - Bought a second hand roadie for more distance
3 days ago - 32 miles
Today - 50.86 miles around the Eden Valley
Total miles since started using MMR - 238 (In 26 days)

Was 13st12 six weeks ago, now 13st5...

I just wanted to update to let my fellow noobs know that you can make progress fairly quickly with a few decent rides per week.

It can be pretty addictive this cycling lark. I was actually going for 40 today. Got to 40 and thought... Well, you've already done 40...

Also, many thanks to all for the friendly and helpful advice offered!


P.S. Cue gratuitous sharing of today's ride...