Smoothing rust damage?

Jimfrandisco Posts: 210
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I have a steel frame that i'm re-conditioning.
On the top tube there's areas of rust damage that i want to clear up - it's not gone through the tubes at all, just pitted the surface, and only revealed itself after sand blasting.
I'm thinking of using something like 'liquid metal' or car body repair filler and then sanding it down smooth.

Does anyone know if a repair like that would stand up to powercoating?




  • dgunthor
    dgunthor Posts: 644
    powdercoating will only stick to metal due to the charging process - liquid metal assuming it's conductive would therefore be a better choice than filler
  • Jimfrandisco
    Jimfrandisco Posts: 210
    Doh! of course - forgotten that powdercoating is electo-static.
    So either method could be a bit of a gamble with powdercoating, will have to see if either would be resistant to the temperatures in stove enamelling then, otherwise it'll have to be a spray job.