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Which of these bikes/

SodafarlSodafarl Posts: 118
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I currently ride a Triban 3 but the bug has really caught to say the least. I am currently looking at 2 bikes in the £850-£900 bracket. Which would be the better buy if any
Carrera from Halfords, I know a lot has been said about them. ... yId_165710

The other is the Triban FC3, Decathlons after care service is really good on their cheaper bike so I would expect the same for a dearer model so I am looking at this bike. ... 21749.html
Any thoughts recommendations would be appreciated.




  • cooper.michael1cooper.michael1 Posts: 1,787
    Don't fall into the marketing trap that a carbon fibre frame is a better bike. For the money you are looking to spend, a really good aluminium frame will be just as good and can be better value, plus you are likely to get better finishing kit for your money also.

    Here are a few options in the £800-£1000 bracket which if you are new to cycling you may not have heard of or considered. (Quality brand, full Sram groupset, full Mavic Wheelset...can't beat the whole package for value). ... _road_bike (Quality British bikes, great value) (A do it all British steel bike, for road, touring and cross)

    I do like Decathlon and buy a lot of kit from there, but for £800+ you do have a lot of choice.
  • chucklachuckla Posts: 132
    You can't go wrong with a Felt Z or F series in that price bracket! Or a giant defy, spesh Allen etc
  • SodafarlSodafarl Posts: 118
    Thanks for that I definitely have a lot to look at as you say Decathlon has a lot for £800.
    Just read that much about Carbon this and Carbon that.

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Try breaking free of the Halfords/Decathlon comfort zone you seem to be in.................but dont rule them out altogether.

    You get an extra 10% off at Halfords if you join British Cycling so maybe do that now ;-)

    Don't rule carbon out either. If you want it, get it, but dont get it just because it is carbon.
    If carbon is what you want maybe up the budget slightly rather than the other two options of getting a lesser specced carbon or a higher specced aluminium that you are not happy with.

    You need to love your bike :P
    You bought a budget bike that you are now upgrading. Make sure this one is exactly what you want with no regrets 6 months down the line :wink:
  • SodafarlSodafarl Posts: 118
    Thanks everyone for the great advice enough to make me step back and think.

  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    Do a bit of research and find the 'best' bikes around that price range (I would rule out carbon at that price and get a decent Alu bike with some nice finishing kit). Then go out and test ride as many of those as you can - base your decision on how they feel. No point buying a bike that's technically better if you don't like how it rides.

    Road - Dolan Preffisio
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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • GizmodoGizmodo Posts: 1,928
    Out of those 2 I personally would go for the Carrera - it has 105 (better than Tiagra) and has a nicer paint job in my opinion. Halfords after sales service might not be as good as Decathlon, but DIY maintenance isn't that hard if you search You Tube.

    That said, there's been good advice about casting a wider net and discounts etc.
  • pride4everpride4ever Posts: 510
    both pants up and get something classy.
    the deeper the section the deeper the pleasure.
  • SoSimpleSoSimple Posts: 301
    pride4ever wrote:
    both pants up and get something classy.

    That's a really helpful post.

    Think the reviews suggest your opinion may be pants, but if you mean there could be better bikes for the money at that price point- yes there probably are but some people have a maximum budget and need to stretch it as far as they can.

    It's a shame people like you have to be so dismissive when newer members seek an opinion - maybe you should stick to the professional/ sad and cynical sections.
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