bike fit-glasgow?

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hey folks, im looking for any suggestions for the above. I use dales cycles for any bike related stuff and repairs i cant manage myself and they are familiar with the bike. I was thinking they would be my first port of call.. has anyone got any other suggestions or experiences?


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    Watch youtube videos and do your own basic fit.
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  • Has anyone ever had a bike fit in Glasgow? If so, who with and approox how much? More importantly would you recommend them?
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    I went here for a bike fit ... g-service/

    Best £50 i have spent. I was getting knee pain and some back pain and thought i'd try a fit. fitter spent 2hrs with me, and made several adjustment to saddle, bars, seatpost, cleats etc. Went for a ride the next day and pain had gone and my average speed had increased as well. :)
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    I know Alpine bikes do one, It was about £100. I heard bad things from people I ride with. Dooleys in Paisley do one I think.
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    You can get Retuls at Velocity 44 in Stirling. Just along the road really.
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    I had the BG fit from Dales. It was quite pricey but I was there for 2-3hrs.
    Some adjustments were made but if anything, it gave me peace of mind for the next time I was wondering if this or that should be different.