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Cove Sanchez 2009 frame advice

Cav1989Cav1989 Posts: 5
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Good evening

For starters, first time here so I hope this is in the right place!

I've been offered a fully built bike by a lad at work. I know its abit vague but Ill get further details tomorrow.
He wants £275 for a bike built around a Cove Sanchez 2009 lime green frame. He's reluctant to get rid and informs me the frame is worth this alone.

Is this true?
Is it worth buying at the very least to sell in parts?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • Long_Time_LurkerLong_Time_Lurker Posts: 1,068
    Depends what bits are hanging off of it and what you want to use the bike for.
    It's a one-size dirt-jump frame - built for that purpose.
    As a runaround, pop to the shops, muck about around town and over dirt jumps I would consider it (if the rest of the kit was decent).

    I certainly wouldn't be able to use it to ride the trails around me. I would probably manage it, but it would be the most uncomfortable and cumbersome thing out there.
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  • Cav1989Cav1989 Posts: 5
    This is whats hanging off it..

    Cove Sanchez dj green
    Marzocchi bomber forks
    Deore - xt rear, front, shifters and crank
    Hope h2 hydraulic brakes
    Mavic rims 328 disc
    Tioga Dh tyres 2.3
    Platform pedals
    Dh bars, stumpy stem and ritchey headset

    £275 the lad wanted?

  • bonezybonezy Posts: 129
    As long as everything is in decent working order, that's a bargain. Not really a trail bike, but for skills loops and jumping it's spot on
  • Long_Time_LurkerLong_Time_Lurker Posts: 1,068
    What he said - I would give it a quick ride to see how it feels.
    If it were me, and it felt ok and was well looked after, I would take a punt on it (as a runaround - not as a serious XC or trail bike).
    As I said before though - it depends what you want the bike for and where you are going to ride it.
    2007 Felt Q720 (the ratbike)
    2012 Cube Ltd SL (the hardtail XC 26er)
    2014 Lapierre Zesty TR 329 (the full-sus 29er)
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