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DT Swiss 350 vs Hope Pro 2 EVo hubs or alternatives

hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
edited May 2013 in MTB buying advice
I'm undecided on which hubs to go for with my new wheelset. I know the Hopes are very loud and am not sure that it will start to annoy me after the novelty has worn off so I'm looking at alternatives. The hubs must have cartridge bearings, and be roughly in the same weight and price bracket as the Hopes. They will be built into Pacenti TL28 or Arch EX 29er rims.

How do the DT Swiss 350 hubs compare quality wise to the Hopes? I believe they have the same internals as the 240s it's just the sleeves that are different and slightly heavier. I also like that you can upgrade to a 36 tooth ratchet.

I also considered the Superstar Tesla hubs but they are out of stock in black and their noise may become an issue like the Hopes.

Any others to consider that would fit my requirements and budget?

EDIT: Forgot to say the the front hub must be able to take a 20mm axle and the rear a 142x12mm Syntace axle.
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