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Stripping Shimano DX MX30 pedals

thegiantbikerthegiantbiker Posts: 212
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Ok, so I found a tiny bit of play in my DX flat pedals, and want to know if I can tighten up the bearings inside before they become damaged. I looked at the shimano tech doc for them, and they look like they're just bearings with lockrings in a similar fashion to hubs. Instructions seem a bit thin on the ground for them, so I decided to just have a go.

However, I've failed at the first hurdle... I managed to loosen the nut that's flush against the pedal body, but when I try to actually take it fully out, it gets stuck against the section with the spanner flats. So, how am I supposed to take them apart, seeing as the only way to access the inside appears to be that nut on the outside?
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