London courier 80-100 miles per day

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Anyone bumped into this guy

- 49 year-old courier - 80-100 miles a day in London - and doesn't get life insurance !

You need a robust spirit in that job.



  • twist83
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    I feel tired just looking at that.

    However London is flat as a Pancake ;)
  • roger_merriman
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    need the bike to fit him as well, I suspect he's doing long hours to clock up the millage. That is a long time in the saddle.

    years ago I was a meter man for a very short while and you could clock up fair millage in a days work with out much effort, 40/50 miles not uncommon so for a working day on the bike the millage sounds about right.
  • Gizmo_
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    I recognise some of those roads.

    He's carrying a bit of timber though, must know a thing or two about riding nutrition!
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  • sketchley
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    A friend of mine did cycle courier job a few years ago having got fed up with office life, he was clocking up 50 miles a day without a problem, and was very very fit not a ounce of fat on him.... Now the he's back in office and the beer has taken it's toll s he's a bit fatter now....

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  • keyser__soze
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    Also got a mate who made a bit of a career change going from riding as a courier to something a little more statuic :)
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    Did anybody else think the voice doesn't quite match the person?