New Chains all round??

uphillstruggle Posts: 90
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I want to change the cassette on my powertap wheel from a 12-28 to a 11-25.

Always thought new cassette= new chain but i swap this wheel between various bikes- do i therefore need to get new chains for each??


  • Wirral_paul
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    How long have your current chains been on? Do you have a chain wear tool?? It's a pain swapping chains between bikes - and might not work anyway if the chainstays are different lengths.
  • The chains are fine-just not sure if used chains and brand new cassette would be compatible?
  • Wirral_paul
    Wirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    So long as they are pretty new then i would just try them - any stretch should be minimal. If the gears skip then change the chains as required.
  • Thanks for that i'll see how i get on.
  • Do as above. I've run used(but not badly worn)chains with new cassettes with no problems.