Got to get back into cycling - how hard is it going to be?

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Last year I got quite a lot of cycling in, I did a 100 mile ride, various 70 mile rides and did a minimum of 50 miles or so a week. I'd also got it so I could manage a 20 mile route in an hour.

I haven't been on a bike since November!

Mainly due to work, and family - I just haven't had time this year to start. Now I'm starting to think it will be hard to get going again!

On Sunday we had a family bike ride, so it was just at a leisurely pace with my son on the back. I took the MTB with huge knobbly tyres. It was fairly flat and I did about 12 miles, that was absolutely no problem at all and it barely felt like I'd been out. I realise that it's not normaly as flat as that though and I will be going at a faster pace.

Any suggestions for the best way to get back into it? My friend, who I used to ride with, never stopped riding over the winter so still keeps up the normal routes we did which tended to be 25-40 miles depending on the time we had available. We live in a very hilly area - do you think it would be sensible to go straight in for a 25 mile hilly route as my first go back into cycling? Obviously I won't expect to go at the same speed as I was doing.

What do you reckon?


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    Suck it and see, 25 miles even if it fairly hilly isn't going to kill you. If you manage that ok then you can build up distance or speed or both. The bottom line is that no one will be able to tell you how much fitness you have retained since November so in some ways its a silly question to ask. You may also have gained some weight in that time which will make the hills more difficult.
    I had a break of several years and switched from MTB to road. That was hard to get back I can assure you!