Heart Rate monitor recommendations for a Garmin Edge 500

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I'm new here having recently got into cycling and have been given a Garmin Edge 500 which I'm very excited by - I'd love to connect a heart rate monitor to it - does anyone have any recommendations of a good value monitor? Thanks in advance!


  • thefd
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    Any that is ant+ will work. Go for a soft strap - more comfortable!
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    Garmins own strap works great with the 500
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  • kampernaut
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    I've got both the Garmin hard and soft strap because they came in bundles with different devices I bought. I don't find the Garmin soft one particularly more comfortable but I think it is a personal thing. The plastic used for the "hard" strap is actually pretty soft and it has lasted me for years. The old Garmin soft straps have a bit of a reputation for being unreliable but the new one is supposed to have fixed that. I get occasional spikes with both though because I don't use electrode gel. In any case, neither of these is uncomfortable or unreliable enough to motivate me to buy an alternative.

    You might find these articles useful:

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