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Fork Suspension Selctor

BeanymanBeanyman Posts: 25
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I'm a noob to mountain biking.

Used to do some off roading in my teens, but kids & family life got in the way, luckily, I now have more time on my hands and I'm once again on my bike. :D

Life story over :P I was out on Friday and managed to fall off twice (damn you SPD's) and I seem to have lost the suspension fork selector thingymejig .. the switch that enables & disables the suspension capabiliy of the fork.

I have a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2013 that has 80mm-travel SR Suntour fork with preload adjustment.

I guess it's called a lockout ? - I have no idea really :lol:

Anyway, Does it matter ? is it that important ? can you (me) buy replacements ?


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