Pretty sure this isn't normal?

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Was giving my relatively new bike (5 months old) a wipe down and noticed this from the cable behind my front wheel.
I know naff all about the mechanics of a bike so was hoping someone could tell me if i should be worried/what it is?



Any info would be very much appreciated.


  • shadow4532
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    looks like the outer cable has broken through the end ferrule. looks like the inner is still under tension so wouldnt think that there is a problem there. try fitting a new ferrule and go from there.
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  • keef66
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    Looks like the outer cable has pushed through the plastic ferrule so it isn't sitting snugly in the barrel adjuster. Probably best to replace both that bit of outer and the ferrule if you want your gear changes to be predictable. How easy that is depends on whether that cable runs under the bar tape.

    You'll need to unclamp the inner cable at the rear derailleur and unthread it all the way back to the shifter in order to fit a new length of outer. Depending on the state of the inner wire you might need to replace that too.
  • Wooliferkins
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    I guess your rear shifting isn't as slick as it might be? It is a simple job if you have the tools. The gear cable has taken a knock at some time and snapped the cable end grommet. Working on your admission of a lack of tech knowledge I'd wheel it in your local bike shop. The job entails cable out, retrim outer sleeve, fit new grommet, reconnect cable and check gears. Unless the end of your cable has lost its nipple and exploded about 15 mins max.
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  • keef66
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    You think he could get away with trimming the end of the outer cable? I think it looks like it's started to push individual strands through the ferrule, so would best be replaced. More so if he's paying a bike shop to do it for him.
  • andy_wrx
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    The outer needs a 1/2inch trimming off it to tidy-up the split end and then a new ferrule.

    Yes, 15mins if you know what you're doing and have the tools to hand.

    One or two hours and a good learning exercise if you don't
  • Thanks chaps, I'll whip it up the lbs over the weekend!