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Ribble evo pro Or planet x pro carbon rival.

Frazzle88Frazzle88 Posts: 23
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
I'm currently looking to upgrade from my spesh Allez to a full carbon and I'm stuck as what to go for. The ribble or the planet x.

The ribble evo pro with campy centaur and Khamsin wheels,carbon seat post, stem and handle bars is coming in at. Around £1100.

The planet x which has a lot of there own stuff on it, wheels,stem, brakes ect and has SRAM Rival on it and a couple of carbon cages (woohoo lol) is pretty much the same price

My predicament is are the khamsin any good or are they to heavy and slow for a carbon? I'm 12st4 at the mo so hoping weight wouldn't be an issue with the frame?

With the planetx, are there wheels and components any good and having never ridden SRAM rival is it better than the centaur?

Any help is much appreciated from anyone with or without experience of these bikes/components.



  • Frazzle88Frazzle88 Posts: 23
    Was hoping somebody would have had experience with some of these parts :/?
  • RemarkableRemarkable Posts: 187
    They are both good bikes. :) Don't worry too much about parts etc, they all wear out! Which frame will fit you the best?
  • How about a Dolan Mythos

    £999 for Rival and £1199 for Force ... uct_id=456
  • Frazzle88Frazzle88 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the replys people, I think the ribble would fit better but just not sure if the wheels are gonna really let it down? Going from sora2300 any Groupset is gonna be alot better but I have atleast ridden campy stuff and like it whereas the SRAM would be completely new to me. Only thing that's pulling me is how light the Planet X is.

  • RemarkableRemarkable Posts: 187
    The Khamsin wheels are good value. The Ribble looks to be the better package components wise. I personally wouldn't use the carbon bar and stem though. Regarding weight, the 2 bikes will be very similar. :)
  • Frazzle88Frazzle88 Posts: 23
    Thanks, what would be the reason not to use the carbon stem and bars? Apologies if I'm being stupid lol.
  • RemarkableRemarkable Posts: 187
    Frazzle88 wrote:
    Thanks, what would be the reason not to use the carbon stem and bars? Apologies if I'm being stupid lol.
    There are a number of reasons really. The main one being that they are no lighter than a similar or cheaper priced alloy setup, which will be much stronger and durable.
  • CamthemanCamtheman Posts: 10
    I have an Evo Pro with Centaur and Kamsins and a Spesh Allez just like yours.

    The Centaur is brilliant and will last years. The Khamsins are a lovely ride. I can't fault the Evo, nor can I understand the reviews that say the frame is too flexy. It's not at all.

    A mate has the Planet X. Nice bike and no worse than the Ribble. No better either. His rear wheel bearing let go within 3000 miles.

    Big difference cosmetically. I absolutely love the carbon weave Ribble. No mistaking it's carbon!

    The only thing I don't like on the Ribble is the head tube looks tall and narrow on sizes above the 48cm. It's because the top and down tubes are quite narrow and there's not much of a fillet to make the head tube look more substantial.

    I'd buy the Ribble all over again if asked.
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