How to improve fitness?

lm_trek Posts: 1,470
Ive come to a sticking point, my fitness just doesn't seem to improve.

I road ride more than before and distance wise i can do more and more. But got on the mtb and struggled with the climbs until half way through then it just kicked in and i could climb and climb but after completely worn out.

I try to eat the right foods, drinking water is something i struggle with the recommended amounts. Weight wise all ok, no excess.

Any suggestions? would be great to climb faster.


  • Barteos
    Barteos Posts: 657
    You always get better at what you train. Road riding is great for building base fitness and endurance and will make you faster in a longer term but you need to incorporate some shorter more intense (MTB?) rides, too.

    Also you body gets used to a particular bike setup and it takes some time to adjust e.g. from road to MTB and vice versa.
  • njee20
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    Ride up more hills.
  • AlexJo
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    I agree should ride more up hills, this will help build your stamina to there's a great article on this site here ... tle-27049/ about the best way to go around it !
  • lm_trek
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    Not many hills round me, but yep still exploring looking for more hills, more mtb'ing is a problem as cannock is my local but thats 50 miles away, hence why i went road bike, plus means i can get a ride in sunday mornings before Oh gets up and she still thinks we are spending quality time together :)