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On-One 456 Evo

harrybarfieldharrybarfield Posts: 35
edited May 2013 in Your mountain bikes
Well this arrived on Friday from On-One. Instantly swapped the brakes out from the Elixr 1's to my Shimano Deore M596'S, changed the saddle for my spoon and hit the trails. This thing is amazing.

I was worried it was going to be really heavy, it isn't.

I was worried that it was going to be a dog on the climbs because of the slack angles and long travel, it isn't. This thing climbs better than my XC bike! Even before you engage the lock-out!

Then theres the downs......Wow! It has so much control and balance, You know you are riding a hard tail, but the rear end is so less harsh than an Aluminium frame it's unreal.

This thread is useless without pics....







  • leythervegasleythervegas Posts: 191
    Very nice bike but why the long face?
  • Just horsing around.
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    I also have a 456 (no pics atm unfortunately). Interesting ride. Mine has 160mm forks on and as you say they climb very well for what they are. The frame seems to absorb trail bumps as good as my full susser too.
  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    very nice, that raw finish is lovely. i was tempted by one of these but have gone blue pig instead. i assume this was the full build option? the frame only options have been out of stock for ages.
  • Yes this was the full build option as I had it through cyclescheme. It really is excellent, apart from the brakes. After going around the block once I knew they weren't going to be up the abuse but luckily I hadn't long upgraded to Shimano M596 on my previous bike.

    Only upgrades on the horizon is a bit more orange tart and when the drive chain wears out probably a change to 1x10 and thats it.

    I've always loved the Blue pig. I think if On-one did the 456 with a larger diameter seat post for a wider choice of dropper posts they would sell even better than they already do!
  • BarrelmakerBarrelmaker Posts: 188
    Good to see another 456 Evo. Mine is currently in bits needing wheels, a fork and some brakes. I need to get it built back up, especially after having a ride (albeit a short ride on my mates blue pig). I realise how much I miss my hardtail.
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