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missgroovermissgroover Posts: 263
edited August 2013 in MTB rides
After a couple of years out of the saddle I am trying to get back into regular(ish) cycling. MTB preferred but I do commute from time to time so am not averse to the odd road ride.
My fitness is not what it was nor are my skills at the moment so I'm after a more sociable pace with regular cake stops. I am in central Derby but do have transport. Weekends mainly but evenings if local. Anyone about who wants to meet, say the word :)


  • bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
    Hey up, I am based in Allestree and looking to get out on the MTB again, Its been a while for me also so I doubt I will be very quick! I have a car but the bike wont fit in it, at least until I get a rack sorted out (Hopefully later this week). Local rides (Cannock / Sherwood / South peak) in the evenings are better for me at the moment, but I should be able to squeeze a few weekends in here and there.

    Let me know if you are interested,

  • missgroovermissgroover Posts: 263
    Thanks for your reply. At the moment weekends are best for me as I am a uni student on placement, however over the summer evening rides would be possible, even the odd 'proper' night ride requiring lights :)
    I am tending to stick to Cannock or Sherwood right now until my skills return a bit more, then I do plan on venturing out to the Peaks. You are just up the road from me then as I am just off Keddie Rd so nice and local.
    My car does fit 2 bikes which surprises many people, it's a bit like Tetris but it does work :lol:

    Actually I may be ok for an evening meet next week, (not Weds/Thurs) if you are free?
  • bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
    I brought a bike rack last night so I can carry a couple of bikes now.

    Yeah I would be well up for a evening next week, Cannock or Sherwood is fine (Maybe Sherwood as I've never been before). I've just got in from a ride tonight and I really have missed it! It stays light till 9ish now so usually manage to squeeze a few hours in in the evenings.

    I should be able to do one day over the weekend as well if that suits you?

    I will drop you a message with my number on in a second..
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Thought I'd drop a post in here, I tend to go up to sherwood pines quite regular as its jot far from were I work, live just near alfreton!

    Let me know if you fancy a ride sometime :)
  • nik6158nik6158 Posts: 32
    hi, i'm from alvaston and will have a mountain bike again before the end of the month, I'll mainly be going to Cannock or Sherwood pines. I work shifts so can get out quite often. Also derby mercury do mountain bike rides on Monday evening meeting at the john Thompson pub at ingelby .
  • Hiya

    Sherwood would be good for me at the moment, I have been off the bike about 6 weeks with a shoulder injury so want to take it steady for a few rides. I'm around on Sunday if you fancy it, but need to be back by 3pm for work.

    Let me know if you fancy it :)
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Sunday is no good for me this week, as im off down Wales this weekend to Coed Y Brenin!!
    Should be good for one night next week though if you want? :)

    PM me if you want to and im sure we can sort somthing!! :)
  • I have stumbled upon your post while posting for riders in Exmoor this weekend and would like to hook up when you are about. I'm a few miles from Sherwood Pines which I use regularly for a quick blast. I also know some wicked trails out in Ladybower and Derwent side of The Peaks. Hope to catch up soon.
  • Hi both

    Sorry not been on in a while. I injured my shoulder and so have been off the bike however myself and Bigdrew are planning a ride on Thursday evening, either Cannock or Sherwood but it will be a gentle one as it's the first time I will have ridden since the end of June. If either of you want to join us post on here and I can give you the details when we decide :)
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Im sure if your going to pines I might be able to make it.. you'll have to let me know :)
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    If your planning on going to pines tomorrow evening and dont mind me tagging along could you let me know what the plan is today so I can put the bike in my car ready :)
  • Hiya sorry wasn't able to log on last night due to work etc. We aren't doing the pines instead trying somewhere more local to Derby and going over to Milford, riding up there and doing the Chevin loop. Prob leaving about 4pm if that's any good to you?
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    No cant make that, never mind. Sure we can sort another ride there some time, I dont finish work untill half 4.. :(
  • no worries :) I will soon be back at uni so evening rides will be out of the question, well maybe very occasionally. We can sort weekends though, you happy for the Peaks too as I know guys up that way
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Peaks is fine.. but would be easier ifbi know who you are properly before I go too far.. dont want you trying to kill me haha!!!
  • As if I would haha! But know what you mean. Sorry have been hecticly busy recently but haven't forgotten - how are you fixed the weekend of 7th Sept? Could meet you at the Pines if you like
  • Dawesy92Dawesy92 Posts: 606
    Will double check tonight, but I should be fine for ine day over that weekend. :)
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