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I'm replacing the chainset and bottom bracket but don't understand the different dimensions of bottom brackets or if this will influence the chainset i can install. Is there anyway to check without taking entire chainset and BB off?
Ideally i'd like to install a Hollowtech 2 Ultegra chainset with a Tiagra BB (for my student budget) and hoping that the BB is a one-size-fits-all (shimano compatability chart says i shouldn't have a problem with the Ultegra/Tiagra relationship, so its just the information about my bike's BB shell i believe i'm missing)
Any information you can supply will be most appreciated


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    There is most likely different tooling you will need to change components so do a quick search on youtube for BB removeal and reffitting to see what tooling is needed to give you a gauge of how much your going to have to spend on tools. I tend to reasearch how much the tooling is or how difficult the job is then ring around LBS to see if its cheaper to try it your self or get the shop to do it for you :)
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    what bike is it? if you know model and year it's usually easy to find the specification

    unless it's really old or unusual, chances are it'll be 68mm wide bb shell, you can measure that with a ruler, and english threaded

    otherwise post some pictures

    as above, if it's not currently htii you'll need extra tools, maybe a crank extractor plus a tool to remove old bb, then an htii bb tool to fit the new stuff, they're generally available at low cost, just need a big spanner to use with them
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    It's an SCR 1.0 (2007) i've got a BB in the post and emailed my LBS who've been very helpful and offered free supervision while i attempt not to break my new toy xD