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My Whyte

shalfordninjashalfordninja Posts: 5
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Here it is chaps, My Whyte 29c, I've had it just over a year and after getting used to the different feel of a 29 I love it! Mainly used on the flat ish trails in Essex and some XC racing in the eastern region series.

Not many changes from standard other than a new stem, as I fractured the original in an off and different tyres to suit the trail conditions I go between the standard Conti X King 2.2 for Intermediate, Specialized Renegagdes 1.95 for the dry and Maxxis Beavers 2.0 when is really muddy. I also have some 2.25 Maxxis Ardents that I use on my annual trips to Wales.

I've changed to sintered pads which are much better and just ordered a set of Stans Crest Hope Hoops as I feel the wheels are one of the weaker points of the bike.

I'm not overly impressed with the SRAM groupset, it seems to wear quite quickly.

My only issue is the BB30, which to be frank is terrible, it started to seaze up about 3 months after purchase and any sign of wet and mud has it playing up. The Whyte original BB cups have a lip around them so you can't remove the bearings. My LBS spoke to ATB sales who told them to drift the cups out of the frame and replace them entirely, it now has a SRAM pressfit BB30 shell installed. Considering Whytes are designed in the UK I would have thought this would show up in testing? seemingly not? Without hijacking my own thread BB30 has no place on an MTB and I believe Whyte should change the design in future. Fortunately the bikes good points are very good and I'm prepared to tollerate it until the crank wears out at which point I'll change to Hollowtech.

Anyway, here it is!


  • Few updates to my Whyte 29c

    I've ditched the 32/44 chainrings and replaced them with a 38t, it now runs 2x10 witrh 22/38 front and 36/11 rear.

    I've changed the wheels for Hope Hoops pro2 evo hubs with stans crest rims. Run tubeless using 25mm gorilla tape, amercian classic valves and stans sealent.

    tips the scales a 23.6lb or 10.7kg :D

    Here it is;
  • Lewis ALewis A Posts: 767
    Looks evil! I like it :D
    Cube Analog 2012 with various upgrades.
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