Stupid crankset question...probably.

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I'm rather new to being a roadie and I am riding a GT Series 4 with a FSA Tempo 9speed crankset.

I was recently given a Shimano FC-CX50 10speed Crankset. (I am aware it is a Cyclocross CS but it's lighter than my Tempo and my CS is looking kinda beat up) :roll:

My question is, can I fit this crankset with a Tiagra BB4600 and swap over the chain rings? :?:

I did try to google, and trawled through the forums here but I couldn't really understand much of what I found, lol.

Thanks for all your help, Quackers.


  • Wirral_paul
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    Well i believe the bottom bracket will be fine with the CX crankset as they are both Hollowtech II.

    The CX crankset has a 36T inner ring and so will be 110 BCD - so you will need compact sized rings. Is your current chainset a 53/39 or a 50/34?? If the later then yes - should be a straight swap. Easy to check anyway if you have both there with you.
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    You probably don't need to change the chainrings at all, just stick with the CX ones...
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    My current chainrings are indeed 50/34 so it looks like a straight is what will be happening. Thank you very much for you help guys, I would have gone to my LBS but I didn't want to look like a complete n00b.

    I'm off to get my BB from CRC now..

    Much thanks, Quackers.