What is this? Worth fixing up? (More Photos Added)

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Been given an old bike that I was thinking about getting back on the road but the rear derailleur is broken, seat post seized / painted in and the handlebar stem is not budging so I am now having second thoughts.

It's had a really bad paint job (or two) over the years so no idea what it is (was); can anyone help:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/neilaky/se ... 712655834/

Also, would it be worth getting road worthy again with a decent paint job?


  • ride_whenever
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    No is the short answer. That doesn't mean it would be fun to build it up as a single speed or as a winter hack.
  • hipshot
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    Wrap around seat stays, pump holders... It looks like a typical base level British 10 speed. Think Falcon/Carlton/Raleigh. Check the groupo branding and the frame for serial numbers etc.

    If you restore it you certainly wont make any money on it, but as ride-whenever says it might be worth it for the experience, fun of it. If you like that kind of thing.
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    Yes - worth fixing up - but not in any financial sense if that is what you mean!

    Old Carlton maybe - late 70s ish probably. Hard to be sure what originality it might have! Some will accuse it of being a cheapy due to lack of braze ons and non forged dropouts but those were rarer in the 70s anyway. That said, the lugs aren't that nice.

    Probably not worth much but it wouldn't be hard to turn it into something decent. Rear mechs are cheap and there are ways to remove stems and seat posts. Best place to ask questions is on Retrobike Forums.
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  • Neil_aky
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    Thanks, only interested in fixing up to ride, if I can get a nice looking retro bike to ride without throwing too much money at it, I'll be happy.

    Tyres are 27" and wheels are alloy with ridges in the braking area; hubs are Shimano.

    Not sure whether to keep the wheels (spokes are rusty so would need replacing) or converting to 700C wheels - thoughts...?

    Also, any ideas on paint finish for frame and forks - was thinking about powder coating...?

    Front of frame has two holes which appear to have been for the maker's badge - does this help identify it? I think Raleigh used four rivets on their badges...?