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I just put my bike in for a full service at my lbs. Everything went well, communication top notch (kept me informed of all the extra bits that needed doing including changing the rear wheel bearings) and done in the time frame they indicated at the beginning. Cost just over £100 but happy to pay as the service was good.

I'm slightly annoyed then, that on my second ride one of the spokes on the rear wheel snapped (the wheel they changed the bearings on) and on closer inspection at least 3 of the remaining spokes seem quite slack. I know spokes snapping is just unlucky but surely they should have checked this out when servicing? Am I wrong to think they should have looked at this?


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    No way to tell if they did anything to cause the spokes to fail unless you can find some damage to the spokes somewhere that you knew wasn't there when you took it to the shop. If one spoke goes then it would be normal for some others to lose tension. It's almost impossible to predict a spoke failure unless there is visible damage before the break. What wheels are they and how much do you weigh?
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    Wheels are mavic krysium es. I weigh approx 77 kilos. I'm not too worried that the spoke snapped but the tension on the others was a concern - I didn't know whether the loose spokes were indicative of a potential failure or the result of one.
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    If a single spoke snaps the tension on the others shifts.

    I would give the benefit of the doubt to the lbs. Just unlucky I think.
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    did they true the wheel as part of the service...
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    Yeah truing was listed as part of the full service hence why I would have been annoyed if the spoke had snapped because it hadn't been checked properly. I have minimal expertise in this area so wanted to canvass opinion before hand. Looks like I was just unlucky but thanks for everyone's answers