roof mounted cycle racks

jaybo1973 Posts: 301
Hi all

Can anyone recommend any decent roof mounted cycle racks? I have seen an exodus twin pack in halfords for about 80 quid.



  • baudman
    baudman Posts: 757
    Thule ProRide. Start at about 70. Each. But well worth it.
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  • othello
    othello Posts: 578
    +1 for the Thule proride. Great quality.
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  • Beanyman
    Beanyman Posts: 25
    +2 for the Thule ProRide.

    Got mine from ford parts online on ebay.

    No delivery charges if you can collect from one of their service centres, so cost about £62.
  • Underscore
    Underscore Posts: 730
    I've got two of Atera GIRO AF racks for adult bikes:


    And two Atera GIRO Speed racks for the kids bikes (though it means that the front wheel has to travel in the car):


    Both are £60 each if bought in pairs and both are very sturdy when the bikes are in them. I've used them a fair bit and would certainly recommend them.

  • paul_mck
    paul_mck Posts: 1,058
    Ive got 2 Thule proride 591s and they are top drawer. Dear in halfords though (90 ish). 65 ish on ebay.
  • TimIrons
    TimIrons Posts: 30
    I use the Mont Blanc Baracudas so that they can be used for both adult and kids bikes. They also have the advantage of holding the bike steady by the front wheel while you secure the arm. i have had to let the tyres down a little for my 2.35" mtb tyres but they still go in.