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1993 Giant Cadex CFR build.

SamericsSamerics Posts: 14
edited May 2013 in Your road bikes
Nothing ultra lightweight or flash, but a lovely old bike that has got me back into cycling! I did a couple of thousand miles on it until I, ahem, retired about 10 years ago. I've put a shorter stem, easier gearing, (it's very hilly and I've piled on a few pounds...), and it feels great again.



  • mrbrightsidemrbrightside Posts: 214
    I really like this, when your up to it drop the stem and it will be perfect.

    Is the cassette black or just dirty?
  • SamericsSamerics Posts: 14
    Black, it was cheap and available! I usd to have a 12-21 but I'm much heavier now. The stem used to be 130 and dropped right down, the seat was back on its rails and I found it comfortable, no idea how! I know it'll change as the waist gets smaller :-)
  • SamericsSamerics Posts: 14
    It's 7 speed so the options are limited and the budget was tight.
  • BarteosBarteos Posts: 657
    I don't know if it helps but you can use 8 speed cassettes without the smallest (11T) cog. Same spacing.
  • SamericsSamerics Posts: 14
    I didn't know that, thank you! I'll probably keep this as it is and when I'm fitter I'll buy a modern bike and keep this for winter. Sweet bike though, I've ridden a Secteur and in truth there wasn't a lot in it considering the 20 year gap!
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