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Disc Brake Help!!!! Please

MatyGMatyG Posts: 9
edited May 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Firstly I'd like to say Hi... This is my first of many posting

I have a 2012 Carrera kraken with clarks skeletal brakes on.
Yesterday I had to go very hard on the front brake and this caused the line to come away from the lever and brake fluid went everywhere.

Unfortunately the bike is out of warranty with the shop I bought it from and they are asking quite a lot of money to look and possibly fix it for me. Like most others money is very tight at the mo and just can't afford to give them the bike and pay the bill.

I was hoping if there was any way by looking at the pic anyone could advise the parts I would need to buy and where from and complete the fix myself? It would be really be appreciated.

I've tried looking online but with no luck. I've contacted Clark's but no reply yet. i watched the clarks shortening and refitting a brake line but they seem to have 2 threaded in the middle? mine looks like a "factory press" joint?



Many thanks



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    I would look at a new hose.

    But you have been lucky as that is a terminal failure. And I would almost say a manufacturing fault as that sould never happen.
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  • MatyGMatyG Posts: 9
    oh really..... its a shame as they say there parts only have a year warrenty and its been over a year unfortunatly.

    ok ill look into hoses then. thanks
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    Sale of goods act, if a part is defective and can be returned for up to the expected life of the product, 6 years has been held to be reasonable (depending on the product) if that has failed at just over a year old then SoGA applies, go back to Halfords, point out it is clearly a manufacturing defect as it should never happen and ask how they are going to sort it.
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  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    Agreed with the above, there is no way that should have happened at all.
    They should be sorting it out, regardless of warranty.
  • MatyGMatyG Posts: 9
    Ok thanks guys.... That's great news for my pocket.
    I'll try and pop down there today and see what they have to say.

    Thanks again.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    Start off polite, but firm, don't go in all guns blazing unless you have to, ask politely if the bikehut manager is available, it's him you need to speak to/
    Current steed - Whyte T129, 2013 frame, mongrel Revelations, Giant dropper, Stans S1 wheelset. 12, Magura Trail Sport brakes, 1x11. 12.8Kg
  • MatyGMatyG Posts: 9
    ok will do. didnt get a chance today.....built a bike shed as the weather was great :)
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