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Hi all

It has been a while since I posted on these forums. My mountain biking days came to an end when my twins were born over 4 years ago. Now I want to start again and get the kids out too. Can anyone advise me where to get those toe bars from for toeing kids bikes? One had 12 inch wheels. The other 14 inch



  • jimothy78
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    If you mean a stand-alone tow bar (as opposed to a tag-along) then search online for "trail gator".
    Got one in Tesco last year, so worth checking the biggest store near you.

    if you've got two kids, though, you might just be better off getting a tow-along buggy, as you can then fit both kids in and still have space for a picnic etc...
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    You can get extra attachment kits for the TrailGator - so you could have them attached to the front of each of your twins' bikes. Of course, you could only tow one at a time. ;)

    Also, when compared to a tagalong (the 'half-a-bike' style trailer), you can't do bumps (well, at least as big) as the front wheel may touch down, and that's not terribly nice on the rider hanging on for dear life.

    (Note... those attachment clamps don't fit on all kid's bikes - sometimes there's metal in the wrong places. Search on trailgator on here for further discussion).
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    Many thanks. I actually saw one in Sherwood shoes yesterday. It looked like the kids bike was leaning to one side quite bad
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    In my experience, that's installation error.

    You need to tweak it up pretty tight, and just make sure that the bar lines up with the kid's frame perfectly. Also that the one on your bike's seat-post is dead straight, so the angle works OK for the pivot. When it's all straight, it works a treat.

    Believe me, I wouldn't use it if I didn't trust it for my girls. ;)
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