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Does anyone have any recommendations for decent waterproof over trousers that are fairly breathable?
I know you sweat in them all eventually, but just after something I can throw on when its raining before I set off :roll:

I have some fairly good endura ones from my mtb days, but they tend to rub the skin off my knees in warmer weather with shorts underneath! :cry:


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    Try Rainlegs, they're a good compromise, dutch i think
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    Cheers for that oxoman, a very informative and valid reply :D
    However as I am a little more of a wimp, I may sometimes be inclined to pass up on a ride when it is tanning it down as I am about to set off, unless I can stay dry for long enough to get out of visual range of my house (I keep my comfort blanket dry underneath my jacket - though it is getting rather smelly :oops: )

    Any other clothing suggestions are welcome though :roll:
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    I'm with oxoman. Up to a point. I'd suggest that, rather than trying to get waterproof leggings, I'd get some bib-longs, or even leg warmers, and wear them instaed. You can try 'proofing them with NikWax products if you like. But either way it stops the direct contact of rain on bare skin, whilst not restring movement or skinning your knees.
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    If you wan the best, then these http://www.alwaysriding.co.uk/craft-act ... s-754.html really are the dog's do-dahs. Had a pair of these for two years now and have been well impressed.
    For as cheap and cheerful solution, Agu make some good value overtrousers.

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    Cheers chaps (incliuding oxoman :D )
    I can live with getting wet once I'm out, as there's no choice, but on a rainy evening after work I don't like having the option of wimping out because I don't want to start a 2 hour ride wet through :oops:
    I'll look at the suggestions.
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    I have some Endura ones that are fab. Just had a look but no info other than brand.
    Seem to remember they were not cheap (£50 maybe?) but have not had major breathability issues.
    To be fair my commute was only a few miles but then again I am mr sweaty lol.

    Have some el cheap Sportful ones that I can only use for washing the car or as overalls when doing bike repairs. Even then my jeans are pretty 'moist' from not being able to breath.

    The Endura ones have zipped and velcro cuffed lower leg so you can get on and off easily, and are really nice to wear.
    They are black and quite formal looking. Cut of, and with pockets like a pair of trousers.
    I actually miss wearing them lol, but I am going to be cycling to work again soon so won't be long until I do again.
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    Mudguards. I'd really not bother with waterproof pants.