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Home Contents Insurance inc Bike Acc Damage?

stokey_spurstokey_spur Posts: 12
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Recently bought a Trek Domane 4.3 and need to get it insured. I know a lot of home contents insurance will cover the bike getting stolen at home or away, but will they cover Accidental Damage from falling off (own fault)? Also will be taking the bike on holidays to Europe. Alternative is stand-alone bike policy but much more expensive, especially with a London postcode!

Anyone got a home insurer that covers acc damage?


  • AlexvsAlexvs Posts: 52
    I took out Esure contents insurance earlier this year and phoned them to find out before just to make sure. They told me that as long as I list my bike as a named item then it'll be covered up to the value I listed. This covers accidental damage which falling off would be, being accidental and all that unless you intended to fall off ;-) I'd say just phone your insurer if you're not 100% sure but it will have to be a named item.
  • sporttourersporttourer Posts: 60
    We are with Privilige & have their accidental cover - bikes are covered up to £1000 - but for a small additional premium (less than £20 you can upgrade to cover your bike you have to name itthough) Bikes under £1000 do not need to be named.
  • jazgilljazgill Posts: 98
    I'm with Chubb Insurance, they'll cover it for accidental damage. They cover everything, everywhere and you don't need to specify bikes etc.
  • stokey_spurstokey_spur Posts: 12
    Thanks for the replies. All very reassuring. Anyone got cover that includes taking bike to Europe?
  • stokey_spurstokey_spur Posts: 12
    And has anyone claimed successfully for Acc damage. We are moving house imminently so I'm in the market for a new insurer and want to find the best bet. Thamks
  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 3,399
    i'd also like to know about successful claims. i ran my canyon off the road yesterday and smashed up my r-sys sl wheels and carbon handlebars
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