Just Ridden A Road Bike For The First Time

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Hi Everyone

As per my previous post i'm very new to this. I've owned a mountain bike as a child and got another very cheap (£11 on ebay) mountain bike about 3 years but always lusted after a road bike.

Finances are a bit tight so took a gamble on an early 90's Raleigh Scorpio advertised locally. It needed new tyres (fitted this evening) and the brakes adjusting however I couldn't resist the urge to take it out for a quick spin around the block.

I can't believe how much of a difference there is compared to my mountain bike, it's so bloomin fast and focused. Can't wait to take it out properly and put a few miles under my belt. Really happy and motivated.

Am i mad for starting off with a 20 year old steel framed racer?


  • wotnoshoeseh
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    Whatever works - if finances are tight just go for it...
  • Anonymous
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    Not mad at all for getting an old road bike. Hope you have many more hours of fun on it :wink:
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    No. still riding a 25 year old steel road bike here. it's great, enjoy, and welcome. Expect finances to get even tighter now :)
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    Type of bike is of piffling importance compared to getting out and enjoying cycling.

    A lot of riders swear by steel anyway.

    If the bike has been stood for a long time just make sure everything is tight and all the bearings are good before you ride in anger.
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    gubble wrote:
    Am i mad for starting off with a 20 year old steel framed racer?

    Absolutely not. I bought a 30 year old MBK this time last year, which I used for 6 months until finances allowed me to upgrade. I miss it! You get more satisfaction overtaking the carbon crowd. And you worry less about damage in the bike sheds at work.
  • gubble
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    Thanks Guys !

    Looking forward to this weekend and having a proper ride out.

    I'm sure i'll have lots more questions or thoughts
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    gubble wrote:
    Am i mad for starting off with a 20 year old steel framed racer?

    You were mad if you didn't! :D
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    Nice one, the number one thing to remember is, it's all about the pure enjoyment of riding. Times, fitness, rapha jerseys, helmets etc. are all good, but it's all about the fun.
    Superstition sets the whole world in flames; philosophy quenches them.

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    I rode a sportive recently and the 2 of 1000's of bikes that stood out were both old and steel.

    1) Holdsworth
    2) Mick Grey (recently refurbished and stunning)

    Not only did they bring a fine display of bikes but also mesmerising souplesse.