General Opinion - Bent/crashed forks = write off frame

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I crashed my Genesis Vapour CX commuter into a lorry a few weeks back - I rode it another 5 miles to work after the crash but the steering was properly and un-uniformly stiff. The front wheel is bent beyond repair and LBS inspection has determined that the fork steerer is bent and the headset damaged. They pretty much wrote off the (aluminium alloy) frame too as they "couldn't make a statement that it was safe to ride". When I thought about it, the cost of new forks, headset and fitting would seem to add up to well over half the cost of a new frame..or so I thought.

But the frame itself doesn't have a mark on it - no paint ripples, signs of stress. I've now found a £65 pair of replacement forks on EBay.

So my question is - am I really flogging a dead horse thinking about spending money getting this frame back on the road or is the LBS right that the frame is inherently unsafe to ride even though there's not a mark on it?

If I write off the frame, I'm well on the way to a new bike if I have to buy a new front wheel and frame - I can buy the entire same 2012 model bike again now for £600.


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    Forks are a lot weaker than the frame, personally I'd just sort the wheel and forks and ride....
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    most of the impact stress would go on the wheel and the lower headset race, this can bend the downtube of the frame. if yours seems ok then a new headset and fork should be ok. if the steering still isn't right after this then the headtube has been deformed. i think you'll be fine though
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    what condition is the back wheel/drivetrain in ?? if the rest of it is old then you may be better off getting a new bike and dismantling the remaining bits into the parts bin or flogging whatever you can ?
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    Thanks for the replies. The bike is about 10 months old so everything still in very good condition......
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    ~I bought a crash damaged bike off a mate two years ago. Spent about the same as you on a new carbon fork, fitted it and still riding it today. It's obviously all at your risk but if you've inspected it thoroughly and feel comfortable riding it at speed then go for it.


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