Switching wheelsets

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Considering upgrading my wheels and keeping the existing as a training / winter set

Some rims are wider than others which may affect my brake pads but will I need to index my gears each time I switch sets, particularly if my new 11sp wheels require a spacer because I will still be running a 10sp cassette ?


  • smidsy
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    Some minor tweaking of the indexing is likely due to the probable differences in hub dimensions etc (even if you use same cassette).

    Generally nothing a few turns of the barrell adjuster should not sort out.
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  • Pross
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    It will depend, when I switch between my Aksium training wheel to my Prolite Bracciano race wheel I have to not only adjust the indexing but also the limit screw due to the different flange widths. I wish I'd known before I bought the new wheels last year as it is a PITA and I end up just leaving the best wheels on all summer which means they get a bit of a pounding. However, if you were switching between wheels of the same brand (say Mavic Aksium to Mavic Ksyrium) then you may not need to change anything at all.
  • charlie_potatoes
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    I have just fitted my new 11 speed wheels to a 10 speed bike and didn't need any adjustment at all.
    Used the spacer obviously.
    Maybe I just got lucky :)
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