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My new core 40

ncnncn Posts: 123
edited May 2013 in Your mountain bikes
So after much debating and help from a few on here I ended up going for a genesis core 40 2012. I had a shot at a 29er and for me it just didn't feel right. I did try a couple out and all of them felt like they would be a bit difficult to handle but that's possibly just because I am so used to 26.

Any way the deal was done and it was from the lbs which is literally 5 minutes walking distance for me so was a good place to get it from as I can always pop it back if there are any problems.

The only problem I have at the moment are the pedals are SPD as standard and I have no spd shoes. However I was going to try and persuade the misses into letting me get some anyway so just gives me a good excuse, will probably get some shimano ones as they look fairly good.

So here is a few pics :D





  • jt_intheukjt_intheuk Posts: 146
    Nice one!
    I've got Soul.
  • bonezybonezy Posts: 129
    Very nice, you'll have some fun on that!
  • Kowalski675Kowalski675 Posts: 4,412
    Nice clean looking bike, love the colour.
  • chez_m356chez_m356 Posts: 1,893
    very nice, all you need now are some replacement fork decals in blue :wink:
    Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 10- CANYON Nerve AM 6 2011
  • James QJames Q Posts: 201
    Very nice, one of the surgeons at work has one and he loves it.
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    Recommending the Bontrager SSR shoes, I got them for a really good price. Bikes looking good by the way.
  • ncnncn Posts: 123
    Thanks for the comments, at the moment it looks fun but those crappy little bits of plastic pedal that are attached to the spd pedals are tarnishing the ride so not had much of a play tbh.

    I went for some shimano M088 as I liked the look of them and the price was reasonable, if they don't fit well I may take a look at your recomendation thoguh thanks.

    I didn't realise you could get replacement decals, I may have to look into that :D
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    Have a look on eBay for the decals I'm guessing?

    Can you take the plastic bits off the pedals? What model pedals are they?

    The Bontrager SSRs offer great grip on flats, great grip if walking up steep/unridable/very boggy conditions. Well ventilated and fast drying and comfy and if you can find some for the price I paid (£30 brand new delivered next day) then they are well worth it.
  • chez_m356chez_m356 Posts: 1,893
    ncn wrote:
    I didn't realise you could get replacement decals, I may have to look into that :D
    two on ebay that i know of ... 1c3044a363 ... 19d590f32a
        Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 10- CANYON Nerve AM 6 2011
      • leythervegasleythervegas Posts: 191
        Very classy looking bike mate, love it
      • ncnncn Posts: 123
        Thanks for the links :D I'm think it would be rude not to make it match for such a little cost haha.

        Cheers Ley, I'm pleased with the look just need my shoes to arrive from crc so I can ride it :twisted:

        Yeah I removed the flimsy plastic parts today but that just leaves the spd clips so need to wait on the shoes, should be here tomorrow/today as it is already Friday. They are M505 I think something like that anyway.
      • shdaxnershdaxner Posts: 249
        Good choice on the shoe.... i have the same and they have been spot on.

        Bike looks lovely i was looking at these when i bought mine but settled on the Saracen at the last minute :D
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