Clipped by a car - is my tyre ok?

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Just got back from a ride and got clipped by a car. I was travelling down the road and this woman was turning into a road I was just passing. I slammed my brakes on and managed to unclip in time to push myself away from her car with my my foot off her bumper. I was ok luckily, no damage to me or the bike, but I have noticed a small nick in my tyre where I braked very hard. Will it be ok to use again? Or does it need replacing?


  • owenlars
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    I have tyres with loads of them in the tread, it should be fine. It's the sidewall you want to be wary of getting nicks in.
  • gozzy
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    That'll be fine. Are they new tyres? All my tyres are absolutely covered in glass cuts, many of them bigger than that, wouldn't even cross my mind to replace them.
  • TommyEss
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    Glad to hear you're ok - left hooks are always tricky.

    As for the tyre - looks like a number of nicks my tyres are currently sporting - I'd take the tyre off and run your fingers on the inside to see if there's anything poking into the inner tube, but realistically, if it's not cut through the carcass, that's the kind of hole I'd live with. I'm forever picking out flints and glass shards leaving holes like this...
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    I wouldn't worry about it either. Unless you were hustling along pretty seriously and locked it up skidding for a while I would assume the tyre is fine.
  • Barrie_g63
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    yeah that's fine much less than the main wear area is designed to cope with
  • Anonymous
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    Looks fine. Glad it was just a close call :wink:

    So was she coming from your right side and you put your foot on her front bumper?
  • smithy05
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    Yes she was coming from my right, turning into a side street I was just passing. Thanks for everyone's replies, glad I won't need a new tyre and that me and the bike survived my closest call yet on a bike. It has made me realise how much I dislike cycling in Birmingham, I am a student up here and now realised how spoilt I am back home with miles of Oxfordshire countryside to ride in
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    :shock: Sounds scary. I hope you scratched her bumper with your cleat.

    On a more serious note, I hope the experience has not left you traumatised. Its a good sign that you are concerned about your tyre, so guessing you will make a full recovery :wink:

    Hopefully the driver was nearly as shook up and will be a lot more observant in the future.