First Road Bike - 'Challenges'

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Hello Folks - Don't know if this is just a whinge or whether it's the bike or me;

I've had my Giant Defy 1 for 7 months now and so far I've had my derailer hanger snap which also bent my chain and the pulley and leaving me planted on the road, I've had multiple punctures and a blow out (...on the same day!) around 20 miles from home and now I've had to have my back wheel trued by the LBS as it's buckled.

So is this a 'normal' bedding in process for a new road bike or is it just be being a novice and riding the bike like a cart horse?

I hasten to add that after every run out I have hosed her down, used the Muc Off, used the WD-40 then totally dried her off before applying some dry lube after every ride.

Enough to want to start taking up knitting !


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    Sounds like bad luck to me.I started about the same time and ever had a problem with the bike.It will get better for sure.
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  • As in your signature, I'm seriously thinking of putting the Giant Defy 1 in the shed for winter and I have my eyes on a Cube Agree GTC SLT. The main draw being 7.6kg's of loveliness ! :D
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    Does sound like bad luck. Although I would advise against using WD'40 as it may of get into the pivots and dry it out. You shouldn't need to re lube every ride, except maybe in the winter when there is grit and crap in the road.

    As for punctures, I got myself some Gatorskins and not had a puncture for 1k miles, might be worth the upgrade.
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