Seat Angle Triban 3

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Am I missing something or is it not possible to adjust the seat angle on a Triban 3 seat post...?

Bought a Charge Spoon saddle and the nose is pressing really hard on my perineum...


  • skyd0g
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    From a pic I've seen of your seatpost, ...this one?

    It should be possible to adjust the angle by releasing the allen bolt to the underneath & to the rear of the seatpost, adjust & re-tighten.
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  • Neil_aky
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    I've actually had it fully undone to change the seat but it doesn't seem to be adjustable...

    Are there seat posts which are not adjustable?
  • gubber12345
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    they are adjustable mate,i got a triban a fortnight ago and had no probs adjusting using the allen key as said above.have another go you'll crack it.
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  • dai_t75
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    The stock one that came with my T3 was adjustable. The problem was there were only set amounts of adjustment. There are only so many 'teeth' that the rails can sit on which effect the angle. I could never get my saddle level so I bought a cheap race face one which you can adjust to the fraction of a mm.
  • daniel_b
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    Are you saying you bought a new saddle or seatpost?
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  • Neil_aky
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    Saddle, I'll have another go tonight but it must be a bit seized - I am not a total beginner but didn't want to be too brutal as it wasn't budging so I thought maybe they did a seatpost which wasn't adjustable.