Lake CX401 sizing

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I think I am going to get these now as I can get them on wiggle for £254.

Anyone else normally a UK 10 (in normal shoes) and have Lakes?

I was thinking I need a 45 in the Lakes. Is this about right to try first?
Anything else I need to know? How should they feel before heating? A little more snug than usual?
Am guessing that size wise I just need to make sure they are not too small in length?

Thanks in advance for any help :wink:


  • bernithebiker
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    I have the 331's after loving the 236's.

    The 236's were the comfiest - the 331's are more racey, stiffer, with less padding inside.

    I would consider the 331's because I think I'm right in saying they came out after the 401's as a more affordable alternative, and I can't see much difference between the two. (I paid about 180 I think).

    I'm a 41 in Sidi, and a 41 Lake fits me fine.

    To be honest, I found that the whole heating process didn't change a great deal in the fit. I followed all the instructions carefully, and the shoes were toasty warm, but not a whole lot changed. If anything, they dug in slightly around the side of my heel, so I did a reheat, and didn't press them in so much.

    My 1st few rides felt a bit uncomfy and I wondered if I'd done the right thing changing from the 236's. But the 331's broke in nicely, and now they're 90% as comfy as the 236's (i.e. very).

    They're also extremely light and stiff, and the Boa works great - even better than the 236's.

    I know Bonts are held in high regard, and I haven't tried them, but for me, these Lake's are the best shoes out there.
  • wishitwasallflat
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    I am a UK 10 and Lake 45s fitted me (I get the wide fit Lake's but the 45 lenght is fine in the standard). Watch out though I find Lakes to be too high at the front round the ankle and they dig into the front of my ankle after an hour or so - I got Bont's instead - the Bonts are way way better Bont shoes are the same shape as feet (makes sense if you think about it)!

    I am sure there is a fitting guide on the Lake website
  • Anonymous
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    Thanks guys :wink:

    I'll check out the Lake site but just wanted to see what you guys said too.

    To be honest its the colour/design that makes me want to go for the 401's over other options.
    I am getting Speedplay specific ones too.
  • il_principe
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    If you want heat mouldable - go Bont. I got fitted for both. Preferred the look of the Lake's but the Bonts (Vapor) are so comfy. Guy in the shop advised I go with Bonts as well, even though they were cheaper...

    I should add that one of the ratchet straps broke on one shoe (after a year's use). Luckily these are replaceable and easy to source. Also Bont have announced some new designs which look far more appealing.