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North yourk dales richmond 5 dales sportive

blackbikeblackbike Posts: 176
I'm doing this at the weekend though not the full 100 5 dales. more like the 4 dale 80 or the reeth bailout 50.

anyhoo, anyone know Richmond NY well? wheres easiest to park?



  • Parking is available at the HQ on a first come first served basis. It's a fair sized car park so you should get parked if not one of the volunteers will be able to point you in the direction of the nearest one.

  • blackbikeblackbike Posts: 176
  • blackbikeblackbike Posts: 176
    done this at the weekend. though the 80 miles 4 dale version.
    was excellent ride, well organsized, good route and the weather was ace.
    Would recommend to folk for next year.
  • issacforceissacforce Posts: 112
    also did richmond 80 miler 2nd time, will be back next year, and all for £15, feed stations excellant, free hot food at end, a sportive for cyclists run by cyclists brill
  • blackbikeblackbike Posts: 176
    Sausage rolls and pasties on the way round then chilli at the end, think what I ate would have cost £15 for me to buy at greggs and the like :o)
    Would like a gold on the 80 next year, so might have to have less pastry on the way round :o)
  • issacforceissacforce Posts: 112
    In my opinion only it's not about the time, I ride because I love cycling and being able to c the views on the way round
  • blackbikeblackbike Posts: 176
    I agree, but i always end up getting all competitive ;o)
  • issacforceissacforce Posts: 112
    I no I used to so the same, but now just enjoy
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