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Hello & good morning,

This is my first post, but I have been looking in for quite some time and I must say, I have found
it interesting.

I'm fast approaching 46 and have been cycling for many years, in fact my only road bike is my
Raleigh Record Ace that my parents purchased for my 18th birthday. It seen many changes
over the years and the only original bits are now the frame and forks. Although the bike is
in mint condition and having had new Campagnolla groupset & wheels last year, I'm feeling
the need for something Italian & carbon :D

I've been looking at:

Wilier Cento Uno SR ...very nice but the most expensive.
De Rosa Merak R3/R5
De Rosa R383 Athena...not sure on red.
Basso Astra Chorus....not sure on the Microtech wheels & finish kit.

All four are great bikes and I have had rides on all but I carn't make up my mind.
I will have to in the next few months or the wife may change her mind and not
let me have one......Rokt.


  • canny_lad
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    Welcome! 4 nice bikes there, be sure to post some pictures when you eventually choose one :D
  • Wilier
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • giant_man
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    Test ride the Cento if you can. Wouldn't bother with the DeRosas, but it's your money.
  • hipshot
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    I'd like to see a photo of that 28 year old Record Ace with new Campagnolo and wheels. Sounds cool. 8)