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Road Bike Tyres/tubes combo: recommendations please

kylewalkerkylewalker Posts: 10
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
Me again, looking for some tyres to fit my triban 3 (23x700). I ideally want tyres that have puncture resistance as a highly prioritised attribute.
I have looked on and found ... es-bundle/

It has great reviews and as it consists of 2 tyres and 5 tubes it seems like good value but what would you recommend and where to buy from

Thanks in advance


  • cooper.michael1cooper.michael1 Posts: 1,787
    GP4000s are a racing tyre, therefore they will not offer as much puncture protection as say a more robust training tyre such as the Conti Gatorskin or Schwalbe Durano. With tyres its always a trade off speed/weight vs durability/resistance

    On a similar note - I'd go for 25c tyres as the extra volume will offer better puncture protection, comfort and rolling.
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