Tyre mileage

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Whats the expected mileage for a good quality lightweight rolling tyre[*], conti gp4000, Ultremo's , Michelin pro 3 or any others ?

Any outstanding performers ?


  • sungod
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    depends on road surface, weight, amount of acceleration/deceleration etc.

    for the stickier racing tyres in the 210-250g range i get around 3000-3500km on the rear, more for the front, but it can vary a lot either way depending on conditions

    btw using 25mm on the rear lasts longer than 23mm
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  • Grill
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    3,200 miles out of my last set of Michelin Pro4 SC. Currently 2,000+ miles out of a set of Conti GP4000S and they still have a good amount of life left.
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  • Lifeboy123
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    Im using GP4000s but only had chep ultra sports that came with the bike which lasted 1500miles
    How do you find them to the Pro4s ?
    I run bontrager r3s on my other bike and looking to upgrade when they wear out
  • Grill
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    I prefer the Pro4. There's not much in it but I feel they run a bit quicker. Just bought a set of the 25c for the audax bike and they ride a bit smoother than the 23c.
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  • cq20
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    My Pro 3s lasted 3500 miles. Replaced them with GP4000s and they've done 5000+ miles and still have plenty of life left.
  • passout
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    I rarely get much more than 3.5 thou miles.
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