Quick but comfy, good-looking, and cheap as chips?

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Your in france.

Look here

Decathlon bikes get very good reviews and are as cheap as chips

triban 5

triban 7
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    Your requirements are quite different to what the majority of major manufacturers are providing. Therefore I think it's going to be a job for your local bike shops.
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    sadly, I think the market doesn't cater for what you want as it's pretty niche, and certainly very niche at that budget.

    maybe see how close you can get with a custom-build ribble?
  • If you want traditional geometry with skinny tubing, then the frame will have to be steel or titanium. I don't think you're going to find anything new at your budget. My 1983 Viking was £100. Keep your eye on Gumtree, or similar French websites. I run 23c tyres on it but old frames have a lot of clearance so you could fit much wider ones.

    I personally don't have an issue with 23c tyres - did over 100km on Saturday on my Triban 3. And I find my Triban much more comfortable over long distances. And I wouldn't worry about the weight of a triple - with a wheel and tyre upgrade my Triban 3 is under 10kg.
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    You'll only ever get everything you want if you build the bike yourself.

    For me you basically need to decide how much tyre clearance you need before you start looking around. Because you don't have the money for a custom steel tourer you've got several options.

    Road Bike - Decathlon offers good value in this area but you'll be limited to 25c tyres, if this does not suit your needs then there is no point looking here.

    Budget Cross bike - This one for example ticks many of your boxes and for £475 is versatile, adaptable for the future - http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/product ... ross-bikes

    Tourer - A classic tourer such as the Dawes Galaxy basic model is £599. http://www.dawescycles.com/p-786-galaxy-al.aspx
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    Is French Ebay not full of vintage Peugeots that would fit the bill?
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    Thanks, cooper.michael1. I like the look of that Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op Revolution Cross, and the steel Revolution Audax even more.

    Those three bikes are all aluminium alloy, though. It’s odd that steel bikes are now priced at a premium!

    The marketing men did a really good job of making steel undesirable in the 90s, when they were trying to sell Aluminium frames as the premium...Just as they are doing now by suggesting all 'good' bikes are made of carbon fibre.

    In reality good quality steel differs massively to some £50 junk bike. A quality steel bike has always been at a cost, but the marketing in the 90s made steel appear to be a cheap option.
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    What about the new steel Ribble or the Dawes Clubman?
    Winstanley have the Clubman for £500 (only 54cm) at the moment, Ash cycles for £550 or Spa Cycles for £680

    I ride both a triple on my steel bike and a compact on the carbon. Don't have any problem with complexity or Q-Factor on the triple as opposed to the compact. Both change perfectly well. However, I will not try and open that can of worms...
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    See if you can find a second-hand Surly Pacer or Cross-Check, either as a frameset or a complete bike.

    If you can find a frameset then you can use 2nd hand parts for the build. They have mudguard eyelets so you can fix a rack, either one secured via the brake bolt, or use a Salsa Rack Lock seat post collar (in the case of the Pacer).
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    Firstly your budget is a little small for all you want, secondly, nobody wants steel any more, so nobody makes it, therefore that actually makes the price go up!
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    Hi OnYourRight

    I've got the Dawes Century SE. Same frame as clubman but different groupset.
    The paint job is lovely on the dawes and it is a classic looking bike. Over the last couple of years I've changed the tyres (Conti Grand Prix's are good value from the German sites), wheels and the handlebars (to a wider set). It's my commuter and winter bike and it's a great bike
    Comfortable, fast and looks good.

    I really wouldn't get too hung up on the whole triple vs compact thing. If you're buying a steel bike you're not a weight weenie and really the only advantage of a compact over a triple is weight. The triple actually suits the steel bike as a fast cruiser, as the close ratio between the gears suits the fact that it won't get instantly up to speed like a lightweight carbon frame. In fact sometimes on the compact it can be a pain when changing front rings as you then have to change either up or down 2-3 on the rear at the same time if you want to keep the ratio fairly close
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    Hi OnYourRight

    Now I'm nervous :-) If you don't like it I'll have to hide...

    I got a pair of Mavic Open pros on 105 hubs from Rosebikes

    http://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/road ... aid:401816

    £155. When you order you can specify 32 or 36 spokes

    Buy with a pair of Grand prix tyres for £32

    http://www.rosebikes.co.uk/article/cont ... aid:314149

    and get new tyres and wheels for under £200