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Planet X SL Pro Carbon

theotherjaketheotherjake Posts: 237
edited May 2013 in Your road bikes

2012 Planet X SL Pro Carbon 56cm
Planet X 52mm Carbon Clinchers
Continental GP4000S Tyres
Ultegra 6700 Chainset & BB
Ultegra 6700 Calipers
Ultegra 6700 Cassette
Ultegra 6700 Chain
105 5600 Mechs & Shifters (soon to be 6700)
Ritchey WCS Stem
Planet X Strada Compact light bars
Planet X Carbon seatpost
Selle Italia SLR XP Saddle
Speedplay Zero pedals
Garmin Edge 500


  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    Dark grey chainset and that would be perfect.

    Road - Dolan Preffisio
    MTB - On-One Inbred

    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 1,002
    I love these (have one myself) - my only criticism is I really don't like the PX logo - and I always think their wheels would look better without them!
    Insert bike here:
  • theotherjaketheotherjake Posts: 237
    I agree, with the wheels the decal can just be peeled off. I went for the silver chainset as it doesn't show the rub marks so much.
  • mrbrightsidemrbrightside Posts: 214
    Like it, lawn complies with OCD regs too.
  • Ed JEd J Posts: 335
    Like it, lawn complies with OCD regs too.

    But left the lawnmower out.

    Job's not done 'til the tools are put away. Come on man.
  • FocuzFocuz Posts: 178
    Looking good, do you know what the bike weighs?
  • theotherjaketheotherjake Posts: 237
    I dont, but want to find out. I heard Tesco sell a suitcase type digital scales thingy. Might try and find one online...
  • FocuzFocuz Posts: 178
    Yeah i was thinking about one of those things, but ended up weighing mine on the bathroom scales and weighing with me and the bike and subtracting it from my weight :D
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 779
    How is it for long rides, I had a SL Pro Sram Red (just before they bumped the prices up) and it was awesome for anything up to about 30 miles after that it was quite uncomfortable, I even swapped out to a Charge spoon saddle with carbon post but still the same after 30 or so miles.

    Lovely bike though
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