Tacx i-vortex

the playing mantis
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im probably going to get one of these, anyone have any experience of them?

also what price did you pay, seems to be a lot of disparity out there, evans: £500, wiggle £650+


  • Blimey, you could buy a bike for that much
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • tell me about it, flogged my cross trainer and selling my rowing machine to fund and justify it, and missed 4 nights out on the raz to further help fund/justify!
  • VerwoodAsh
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    I got my Tacx T2220 Flow from Germany and it was almost half the price. Can't remember which store it was, Bike24 I think.
  • andrewwaite
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    Got a tacx fortius from winstanley bikes the other day down to 579 from 1099 great bit of kit.
    If it's not from Yorkshire it's Shite