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I did my first century ride on Day 1 of the London Revolution 2 day sportive this weekend. 5hrs 52 for the final 100 - not too shabby for a 57 year old who only took up cycling 8 months ago even if I say so myself. The last 10 miles(flat) were done in 30:49 so I may decide to give a TT a go sometime soon. However getting up today and doing another 89 miles on day 2 round the Surrey Hills wasn't quite so easy!

And before all the anti sportive brigade tell me I could have ridden the same roads for free (nothing like saying the obvious is there?) It was a really excellent event and I didn't meet a single rider who thought otherwise. When I started cycling with a 9 mile lung bursting and leg burning ride 8 months ago I wanted to get fitter, lose some weight and have a lot of fun. All three boxes have been ticked.

The best 2 days I've had on a bike to date.


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    Good for you! The most important thing is that YOU enjoyed yourself. Good time too. :)
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    A very well done to you young sir.An inspiration to all.
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    Absolutely superb effort.Well done.Chapeau indeed.
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  • Cupras
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    Brilliant. That's exactly what I am working towards right now. Glad you enjoyed it.
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    Well done - long distances are so much more fun when ridden with others - chapeau
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