Nice TT, 30 June - massive long shot

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I've entered for this and am having a "how the heck to get there" moment, so as the title suggests, I'm wondering if anyone is heading for Nice by road from the southeast/London shortly before that weekend. I'm thinking of staying to watch the actual TdF TT on the following Tuesday before heading home.
For the record, I'm never going to set the road on fire in any TT and of course it's a hell of a long way to go for such a short event but it's the experience, the buzz and the prospect of a different kind of two-wheel adventure that attracts.
Interested to hear if anyone out there is looking forward in the same way and could do a liftshare. Clean driving licence so could share driving too if all was legal...
Entries still open apparently, by the way.

Thanks for getting this far, cheers.
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