Choices choices... Which Giant TCR is best value for money?

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Hi all, any one want to help me understand my options please?

I'm on the cycle to work scheme and have found a local shop who will give me a sale bike for £100 more than standard sale costs including my b2w scheme voucher. The rationale is that he has already discounted the bike and if he accepts the voucher, he will lose another £100 so I can pay him this. It seems a fair deal as most shops don't seem to offer sale bikes in the cycle to work scheme.

So choices are:

2012 composite 2 for £1299
2012 composite 1 for £1419
2011 advanced 2 for £1479
2012 advanced 3 for £1500
2012 advanced 2 for £1850
2011 advanced sl2 for £2100
2012 advanced sl3 for £2350

So my thoughts are that the frames for 2011 or 2012 are the same, is that the case?
Paying for a sl won't pay off as I'm not that advanced
Going for the ultegra whilst I've got the chance is worth it so...

The 2012 advanced at £1850 in a large seems a good price and the best option even though the wheels aren't amazing

Is my theory sound or am I wasting money (or not investing enough upfront)

Either way, it seems better than going for a 2013 bike?

Thoughts welcome


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    For context the 2013 advanced 2 is £2000 and I don't really like the colour hence the bargain shopping above :)
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    I have just purchased the tcr comp 2 2013 I think the only difference btw the 2012 is the group set and something with the stem being carbon 2012 and Ali 2013. The comp is my first venture into carbon very stiff comfortable very good climber not quite run in enough to find out how quick it is. Steers very well into corners I got the 2 instead of the 3 as didn't want to upgrade much in the future .
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    Thanks Kingsmill, any others?
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    2011 advanced frames have external cables, the steerer is a bit smaller and they don't have the built-in cadence/wheel speed sensor. I believe the 2012 frames are a couple of grams lighter.
    Will you notice the difference? Visually, yes. Especially the sensor if you run a Garmin as you won't have the ugly cable-tied sensor on the chain stay...but for the difference in money I suggest getting the 2011 and some rs80s. Get a composite if it means going up a couple of levels in the group set and wheels if that is what you need, but the advanced is a noticeably better frame.
    Whatever you get...go climb and descend, and the bits in between are fun too
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    Thanks Fosst, I think I'll go 2012 advanced then and start saving for some wheels :)